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Nymphmaniac has been designed together with the best Finnish competition angler Jarkko Suominen especially for modern nymph fishing techniques. Here´s his thoughts on the rods: “Nymphmaniac meets the requirements of the most demanding anglers in a reasonable price range. If you want to know the exact stock, send us an email. Free delivery

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Everything on these rods is built with the intended purpose in mind. These have been designed to be as light and as easy to handle as possible. The blank will stop like hitting a wall without too much vibration when casting which is extremely important to sustain proper contact and a feel for light nymphs. New and modern nymph rods have enough power in the tip so hooking a fish is effortless but at the same time bend enough when a fish is making sudden movements when fighting it. Also fighting a bigger fish is not a problem with the power coming from the butt section of the rod. T

- Medium fast actionhe perfect nymph fishing setup is completed with a light reel and the Vision Ultra Light Nymph-line.”

Line Length Weight Pieces Item #
#3 9´6″ 69g 4 VNY4963
#3 10´ 71g 4 VNY4103
#4 10´ 73g 4 VNY4104
#5 10´ 78g 4 VNY4105
#3 11´ 73g 4 VNY4113

NEW - 2021

#2     11 '                 4         VNY4112

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