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JIG SPECIAL new generation - #10 to #16 - 25 pcs

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These hooks are the result of a long-term development in cooperation with the major Czech competition fly fishermen.The exeptional shape and design incredibly increase the success of the hooking and getting the fish under control. Thanks to the barbless design they are maximally considerate to fish.The extreme efficiency of these hooks is significantly raised by useof High-Carbon steel and extra long needle point.

For the choice of slotted beads, here are our tips: 2 mm for H14 and H16 - 2.5 mm for H12 H14 H16 - 3.0 mm for H10 H12 - 3.5 mm for H10 H12 - The 3 mm slotted beads also go on H14 and H16 but it will be necessary well stall them.

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